Services and Line of Business
Jordan Image offers a package of quality modern services to satisfy the company’s pursuance of excellence in education and educational reform in the Arab world and worldwide. These services address individuals and institutions alike
Hold quality specialized training programs for students and teachers arranged, facilitated and delivered by experts recruited from Jordan and abroad
Manage and conduct conferences, fairs, and workshops on education for teachers, educators and parents
Organize, take part and implement a number of oriented programs, contests, forums and activities, and also exchange programs, camps, summer/winter club activities for students at home, in the region and around the world
 Provide for specialized educational counsel and expertise for students, teachers and educational institutions in Jordan and in the Arab world in all educational domains
Establish standards and accreditation principles for the quality of schools and their curricula, programs and outputs, and provide for similar standards for teachers’ training and qualification
Issue guidelines, and pamphlets, and conduct studies and field research on educational reform and improvement